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Welcome to Pool Pumps  Johannesburg your pool and water pumps expert, professionally experienced in the repairing and installing pool pumps at affordable price in Johannesburg.

Pool Pumps  Johannesburg
Pool Pumps  Johannesburg

At Pool Repair Johannesburg we strive to providing customers with quality work that makes it easier to have a swimming pool and maintain it with tools that keep your pools water freshly clean for a longer time.

Looking to keeping your swimming pool clean through the winter?

At Pool Pumps  Johannesburg we aim to be number one in the business of pool pump repairing and installations in Johannesburg and throughout South Africa!

Great quality repairs from a trusted company, give us a call today.

Trusted Pool Pumps  Johannesburg
Trusted Pool Pumps  Johannesburg

At Pool Pumps  Johannesburg as a company we ensure that our clients are treated with professionalism and we also strive to establish a relationship with our customers.

Our offer various pool pumps features such as:

  • Cast-iron construction
  • Rotary cutter – 69,000 cuts/minute
  • Double mechanical seal
  • 40mm discharge
  • 75 – 1.5kW
  • 230V & 400V

At Pool Pumps  Johannesburg our service is designed in a sense to suit every customers needs and preferences, affordable price from experts with years of experience.