What People Have To Say About Pool Repairs Johannesburg.

Mr T, Marly

Pool Repairs Johannesburg these guys are amazing my swimming pool was dark green for six months straight not knowing where to start by cleaning my pool until I saw an ad online which led me to their websites and got my pool clear blue and had my pipes repaired thanks a lot Pool Repairs Johannesburg.

Ms H. Henson

I have been wanting to fix my pool for two years nobody swam in it. When I called Pool Repairs Johannesburg to find out how much their costs are, I realized that they knew exactly what they were talking about through their advice and suggestions. I am super happy now I can keep my pool clean throughout the winter.

Mr A. Macklodds

Thanks to Pool Repairs Johannesburg who were very happy to provide me with great quality work to get my pool up and running again. Thanks for the great service guys.

Mrs O. Merafe

Pool Repairs Johannesburg is a go to company for all your pool/ water pumps. They installed pool pumps in my hotel and I could have ever thought I would save so much money because I didn’t know how it works, I am thankful for your honesty and transparency in your business¬† Thank you!